Audio Interface Cable for Video VBOX
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Audio interface cable for the Video VBOX to record the audio from in-car intercom systems. Please select either Male Phono or Female 3.5mm Jack interface from the option on t

Bar Mount for VBOX Sport
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Bar mount for VBOX Sport, enabling the user to mount the VBOX Sport to a motorcycle or bicycle handle bar. VBOX Sport not included.

Battery Pack for PerformanceBox & DriftBox
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2Ah rechargeable battery pack for the PerformanceBox and DriftBox. Approximately 8 hours use from a full charge. Includes mains charger and interchangeable mains plugs for differe

Glass Lens Cover for High Res Cameras
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Replacement glass lens cover for the Video VBOX high resolution cameras. Simply unscrew the end cap of the camera, tip out the old glass, insert the new glass lens cover

Black OLED Predictive Lap Timing Display
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Check option [L] for VBOX Video HD2, Video VBOX Pro Check option [M] for Video VBOX Lite Check option [H] for Video VBOX  Waterproof Requires a Video VBOX to operate.   Pla

Heavy Duty Suction Mount
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Heavy duty suction mount for use with Video VBOX Cameras, VBOX LapTimer or OLED Display